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Chris "Hambone" Wilson vividly remembers his first exposure to the blues. It was at the young age of 6 when his class went on a field trip to Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA. There he saw live roots musician John Jackson play the Virginia Piedmont style of blues.

Growing up Chris followed his destiny, constantly listening to and learning from his older brothers records. Chris, making his first slide from a brass pipe, playing it on a cheap guitar, talked three friends into forming his first band called White Lightning. Later numerous teen-aged bands followed, playing anywhere and everywhere in the Washington DC area. Meanwhile Chris, now nicknamed Hambone, polished his guitar chops and absorbed the influences of local superstars Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, the Jimmy Thackery led Nighthawks, and Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band.

In 1989 Hambone enrolled at Potomac State, a small college in Keyser VA. Potomac State is located in the Appalachia Mountains, an area rich in old time mountain music which Hambone absorbed and integrated into his playing. After two years at Potomac State Hambone transferred to West Virginia University in Morgantown WV. In 1994 he saw the formation of the Hambone Wilson Band whose first performance was at The Hedgehog, a notorious dive in Sunnyside, VA. At that time WVU was regularly listed as one of the top party schools in the nation, and the night life was as vibrant as the music being played. Hambone thrived in this atmosphere, playing everything from rock, blues, the funk, to southern boogie on a nightly basis with a variety of local musicians. In 1994 he joined The Barefeet and Company, a talented band that played the East coast college circuit until 1998.The band headlining for crowds of several thousand and were opening for major label touring bands. With several vocalists and a repertoire that covered all genres of music The Barefeet and Company was a much loved jam band. During that time they released 2 albums.

Hambone fed up with the constant touring, recording and negotiating with promoters. In 1999, began to move and play around the country until settling in the Northwest corner of Washington State, where he still resides on a small acreage in the foothills of the Cascades. Since relocating he has played with many of the regions top players and bands, and rekindled an old friendship with Evan Johns, an internationally known guitar player originally from the Washington, DC area. Through eight years of guitar dueling, live performances, and recording with Evan Johns, Hambone’s guitar playing has evolved to the unique sound that he offers to today’s audiences. Which is a mixture of all Hambone’s influences, but richly steeped in the blues and rockabilly of the Washington DC music scene.
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