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This is a band you will not want to miss! Coming to the Rockfish Grill for their first visit, Two Sheds Jackson is sure to have you on your feet wanting more. If you haven’t seen or heard this band, be among the first to come out and spread the word. After one night of listening to their “Jacksonized” arrangements of familiar and sometimes forgotten Rock, Blues and R&B tunes you’ll become a bonafide ShedHead! Comprised of seasoned musicians who have recorded for major labels such as Mercury, Epic and Atlantic Records while playing with such musical luminaries as Alan White and Tower of Power, they’ve now thrown their collective talents into TSJ. The result is a driving sound that’s diverse and captivating with a flair for the unexpected. You just have to show up one night to know that for Two Sheds it’s all about their passion to play for you!

Two Sheds Jackson is:
Steve Boyce - Bass Guitar, Vocals and Subterranean Cranial Stimulation
Rick Bourgoin - Drums, Good Vibes and World Clock Synchronization
Charlie Morgan - Guitar, Vocals and Off Planet Harmonic Intermodulation
Danny Hoefer - Guitar, Vocals and Precision Synaptic Muscular Choreography

Wanna know more? Then visit their website at and read on. You’ll find the story of how TSJ came to be, bios on the band, links to videos of live performances and much more. Coming to The Rockfish Grill, it’s Two Sheds Jackson!
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
360-588-1720 | MAP
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