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BLUES PLAYGROUND plays “North Sound” blues. That’s a combination of Chicago and Texas blues with a dash of funk and soul topped off with some British blues. Whether they’re playin’ their own songs, or standards that you love, you will NOT be able to sit still!

Started by Northwest music veterans Sean Denton and Jeff Nicely, the idea for Blues Playground was born out of an impromptu acoustic gig. This led to a house band gig at a local night spot.

“We need a band” Sean said to Jeff.
“Yes we do” said Jeff.

So they got Richard Williams and
Jimmy Culler and then they had a band.
“Let’s go play” said Jeff.

“Yes, let’s go play” said Sean.

And they did.

When Sean was in the 8th grade, his brother took him to a Paul Butterfield concert and his fate was sealed. Sean has played in Northwest bands since the early ‘70s. He has survived hard rock, disco, new wave and grunge and emerged scarred but stronger to return to his roots. He has 2 cds from a previous project that showcase his exceptional songwriting abilities as well as his vocal and guitar work. Come see the band live to catch some of his innovative slide work. Not just the same old “Dust My Broom”.

Jeff brings over 30 years of lively performance experience to the stage. He captures the true rhythm and soul of the blues with his harmonica and contributes passionate percussion and vocal parts. Influenced early by his own family of musicians and their record collections, Jeff is an accomplished player of jazz, rock, gospel, folk, country, bluegrass and more. He’s performed with some of the best during his harmonica travels, from tight funk ‘n soul shows to loose pickin’ parties.

When he was 5, Richard played electric guitar for “show and tell” at school and was kissed by a girl shortly after. “King Richard” sits on the drum throne in the Playground, but he is also an accomplished guitar player, singer and recording engineer at his own Plum Tree Studio.

“Five String” Jimmy likes to hang glide for fun and then takes his life in his own hands on the Blues Playground. His bass playing and singing are an important element on the Playground and he’s always ready with a joke, usually one we can’t share with the audience.
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