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The sound of gravel crunching beneath the tires of the hearse as it rolls through the iron gates. In the distance a lone fiddle cries to the grey dawn. An alabaster stone marks the spot where the hearse pulls to a final stop. After all, who called for the undertakers?

Gertrude’s Hearse is a band hailing from Skagit Valley, Washington. The band was formed atop the hill by a bunch a good fellas and guitarist Raymond John: adding Yusuf Kilgore, Matt Clausen, Keith Stone, Tim Daniels and a plethora of other players to become one of the areas hottest bands. In a three year period, they have built an outstanding repertoire of music ranging from folk, country, and rock, to bluegrass, R&B, and punk. No one else has their style, their energy, or their theme. Gertrude’s Hearse has the flexibility and versatility to perform with some or all of its members. They can readily cater to the more intimate as an acoustic-style duo/trio or elaborate with an all-out rock & roll 7+ piece grandstand-style band.

Gertrude (grrr-trood)
An old-time name representing the style of music from which the band bases its sound. They are equally comfortable playing acoustically, around a single can microphone, or plugged into a PA on-stage. Versatility has been an important factor in their early success as a band.

Hearse (her-sss)
A car used to transport a coffin to a burial site. It is also a somewhat taboo word in the English language, not often used and retaining a sort of mystery. The name of the band is hard to get out of the heads of those who have said it aloud or read it in print. It also offers a theme for the band's logos, artwork, and trademark. This too has played a key role in the band's early notoriety in the area.

The undertakers and country-rock-folk-grassin' singers gaining quite a reputation in the Pacific Northwest are commonly known as Gertrude's Hearse. They are fast becoming legend, often imitated, and never reproduced. Look for them makin their way through your town soon. Mothers watch yer daughters, fathers git yur guns, brothers watch yer tongues, and everyone git ready for a shin splittin good time when Gertrude's Hearse rolls into town.
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