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Anacortes originals Gertrude's Hearse have been playing the Skagit Valley and beyond since it began it’s musical life in the Spring of 2005.
They are currently playing in support of their new album, the full length, all-original KnotWörst. This set of new songs encompass the original sound of their own country-rock (FUN-eral) music, adding new touches heavily influenced by the diverse backgrounds of the band members, or Undertakers...

Over the years, GH has grown up a bit but has held on to that small town expanding their musical lineup to include electric & acoustic guitars, drums, electric bass, sax, flute, fiddle, harp, and multi-vocalists, lending a 60s-meet-current alt-country/rock/jam mix of original and selected “preservation” songs (or obscure covers) that keep the crowd entertained, involved, and dancing.
With over 500 shows to date ranging from gritty saloons, slippery ski areas, radio shows, benefits and main stage headliners, 1350 copies of their CDs Wörst (2007) & their latest "Knotwörs (2012) sold to date, radio play, a steadily growing fan base, and integrity to the clubs and fans who support them, Gertrude's Hearse is a packaged deal, the real deal.

The Rockfish Grill has supported the music of Gertrude's Hearse and celebrated the release of both of their CDs at our venue. Come on out and join us for a great evening of entertainment.
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
360-588-1720 | MAP
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