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Crosby Tyler performs from 8-11PM.

February 20th 2014 kicks off the new album release by CROSBY TYLER titled THE ONE MAN BAND REBELLION on Bohemia Music. This is Crosby’s fourth album and he dramatically departs into a minimalistic, primitive, individualistic DIY assault on the senses....

“Well, I’ve been trying for a long time to do a solo album that I could feel good about. But I went one step further and became a One Man Band….”

It didn’t happen overnight. It took three years of gigging to get the chops needed as well as two attempts at recording. It seemed that nobody knew how to record direct, one-take style, as a one man band. The bass drum posed a problem for most modern day engineers. “I thought it was going to be a piece of cake but everyone is so conditioned in overdubbing, looping, and effect-driven styles, that something so simple & raw could be so puzzling to reproduce sonically. Fortunately, good friend Jamie Bridges came to the rescue. Jamie is a top notch live sound engineer as well as recording and many years of major label productions and voila the process began...Everything live, no over dubbing. Just pick the best take. The result, a 14 song allegory high-lighting the underbelly of society. Crosby has always had a knack for utilizing his musical influences and making it own. It gels with melodies of the past yet brewed in a storytelling style of today.

Just poke your ears to ONE HIT BEFORE I GO and you get a Woody Guthrie/Carter Family tone yet shadowed in today’s colloquialism. That track features the background vocals of CALICO. And that’s just for starters. US BLACK SHEEP AIN’T LIKE THE OTHERS pulls no stops as the drifter-observer rumbles through Northern California painting characters in reality drama and uniting them in a defiant communal anthem-like ballad. And then it’s country-like BIKERS, HIPPIES AND HONKY-TONKIN’ COWBOYS which portrays a bar band and the misfit hooligans that follow them and reek havoc every time they play.

Isn’t there more here than just music? But an unidentifiable exploration towards a self-imposed revolution of self-reliance? Doing all ya can with what ya got and not worrying what others may think and just finding peace with the effort and not being intimidated… “Ya know it’s so easy to pick on yourself for what you don’t have rather than what ya got”.

THE ONE MAN BAND REBELLION TOUR starts Thursday Feb 20th in Cottage Grove OR and goes throughout Oregon and Washington….
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