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To listen to Blaze and Kelly is to experience a musical nirvana. Their art takes the listener beyond the realm of the temporal, and into those intangible places we call spirit, dreams, and love. There’s no doubt these two laughter-loving women can sing—Niccole’s powerful lead vocals blend perfectly with Mo’s sweet tone. But what makes them true artists is their ability to create emotion. To Blaze and Kelly, it’s not money, fame, or precision that creates happiness, but genuine human connection. And their songs illustrate the humanity, passion, and truth each one of us strives to feel and find gladness in.

Their songs range from the serious to the hilarious. But no matter what words have flowed from Niccole’s pen, each song resonates with those beautiful human emotions. From the love of a child, “Lena’s Lullaby,” to the recognition we’ve out-waisted our clothes, “Fat Pants,” to the intrepid journey named death, “Mama,” the listener has no choice but to feel connected to the music. Each person finds a little of herself or himself in every song.
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
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