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The Rare Blue Moon

The evening sky hangs velvet black
The stars blink quiet and pale
Midnight waits with bated breath for the moon to light the trail.

It will transit the sky, it will shine you silver, it will make you howl and moan
just for tonight and just in time the
Rare blue moon.

I saw you when you moon-gazed last night
I was the comet streaking far to the right
Out of sight but on your mind,
You’ve been waiting a long, long time

Once in a blue moon, they say
Lucky tonight and lucky always
I see you now and believe for today
In the love and the rare blue moon.

Unzip and let fall what went before
Take my hand but don’t ask for more
Than this bright, sweet night, than this moon-kissed now
This love and this rare blue moon.

Released 25 March 2014
Siri Bardarson, cello, vocals
Steve Trembley, electric guitar
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
360-588-1720 | MAP
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