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“Many a bluesman paid backbreaking dues chopping cotton in the flat Delta fields of Mississippi and Arkansas. There was no cotton crop to tend to in the grimy rust belt town of Youngstown, Ohio in the 1960’s, but there was grinding, dirty work for some, as human grist in the mills of U.S. and Republic Steels. It was this dismal blue-collar legacy that Nick Vigarino was born to.

Vigarino had his way out of this existence before he even knew it. Nick fell into possession of a battered guitar, feebly equipped with one string. As fate would have it, he learned to play the guitar in the exact same way as a hundred seminal blues musicians had two generations before him, on a homemade one-string diddley bo. With a poet’s fierce commitment to birthing his own music, he continued to play on ever-improving instruments the angry and mournful melodies in his head, carrying his music into the bars and roadhouses of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Impressed with the Northwest’s clean air and unspoiled mountain vistas, Nick drifted to Seattle, where he quickly won respect for his refreshingly original songs. Encouraged by the interest in his cutting-edge approach to the blues, he formed Meantown Blues. Now, thankfully, there is an audience for Nick’s clearheaded music as he finds himself rushing back and forth across the Northwest and beyond, serving up solo and ensemble music on the stages of bar rooms, concert halls, festivals, and regional television.” - Ray Varner - (Blues Historian, Ethno-musicologist, critic, and writer for Living Blues Magazine, Jefferson - Sweden, and Caledonia).

Vigarino has released three recordings of original material, several collaborations, has performed in 11 countries on 7 different European tours, and has garnered numerous music awards.
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