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Eugenie Jones appears with TimeE3Jazz at 7PM.

Eugenie Jones is described as a performer that makes audiences feel jazz. Vocally described as possessing, “A voice that covers words like pieces of silk covering precious stones,” (C.Mudede/The Stranger) Jones is an emotive, engaging song stylist that entertains and
draws audiences into each performance.
Reminiscent in style and sophistication of iconic vocalists of the past, Jones classically performs mainstream jazz, but also brings listeners inside contemporary themes by sharing original tunes that have earned her recognition as a cleverly gifted lyricist. ““In that overcrowded arena known as “female jazz singers”, Seattle-based Eugenie Jones manages to stand apart from the crowd. Ms. Jones has filled both of her outstanding albums with her own engaging compositions. This fact alone differentiates her as she is one of the very few AfricanAmerican women singer-songwriters in jazz today,” (C. Davenport/Curt’s Jazz).

Born and raised in West Virginia to parents who loved jazz, soul and R&B and to a mother who often sang around the house as well as in their church choir, Jones was exposed to a variety of musical foundations prior to making her professional debut as a jazz singer/songwriter in Seattle, WA. But with a career and master’s degree in business, it wasn’t until she lost her mother to cancer that she stepped into the world of music.

“I can only describe my beginnings in jazz as a time of missing hearing my mother’s voice singing around the house and wondering within myself if I could do that – if I could sing.”

Now as a national recording artist, Jones has self-produced two primarily original vocal jazz projects that have made onto Jazz Week Review Top-50 list, been favorably reviewed by Down Beat and numerous industry critics, maintained #1 spots on CMJ charts, made many critics “Best of” lists and have been the foundation for sold out performances from Washington, DC to Seattle, WA.

“Impressive remarkable artist beaming with confidence and authority!” K. Silsbee/Down Beat

“A lady of many talents, composer, arranger, skillful vocalist, easy to love,” M. Holsten/Jazziz

“4 Stars - This Seattle-based jazz singer is an empowered storyteller …voice is smooth and assured…with a pizzazz that makes her
rhythm section sparkle.” Nick Bewsey/ICON
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
360-588-1720 | MAP
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