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The Anacortes Music Project Presents

Pearl Tottenham
Lizzie Weber
The Enthusiasts

Pearl Tottenham’s voice is one we’ve been following for a few years now. Some classic teen themes of heartache, but how she frames the subject is where her style shines. Sort of our own Joni Mitchell you could say. Tottenham’s soul singing shines on her new album of originals - Weather Patterns. As she plays electric guitar, Pearl is generally backed by her Dad, Brian Tottenham (Enduro) on bass, and some times Braydn Kruger(Lonely Forest) as in the “Weather Patterns” recordings.

Originally from Saint Louis, MO, Lizzie Weber says of her heritage - “growing up in St. Louis allowed me to develop strong values and a strong sense of self, a kind of self-awareness that sort of catapulted me into writing very personal and emotionally charged music.” Lizzie performed at last year’s Shipwreck Friendship Trail in the shade of Causland Park deciduous trees. She’s quietly working on her sophomoric record after releasing the single called “Love Again” produced by Grammy-award winner Sheldon Gomberg in LA.

The Enthusiasts cartwheeled into town with their families several years ago now from the land of oranges and brought with them a sort of sunshine. When they start playing they put their whole beings into it, when you hear them sing together - this sister and brother combo - always gets the blood pumping. Sommer and Andrew, as well as of The Mosstones, volunteer with Anacortes Music Project.
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