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The Anacortes Music Project presents:
Well Water
Ever Ending Kicks
Sky All Around
Karl Blau

Look Well Water up on the internet and you don’t find a whole lot. You get the feeling it’s not Tyler Jones’s bag to put himself out there. But, when he and partner Katie Jennings sing through the almost gregorian mantras that are Well Water songs - the listener feels a soothing and a caring that feels rare and special.

Paul Adam Benson came to Anacortes getting up on 10 years ago to live at the Department of Safety. Even then (as Motorbikes) his style was typically minimalist. The boiling down continues and now as Ever Ending Kicks, Benson can be heard even putting the guitar down and counting the silence. Subtleties like the awkward comedy of in between moments. His beautiful elongated tones and voice, his quiet, samba-esque strumming. Paul’s lyrics march past and question our inner thoughts.

Celebrating the anniversary of their self-titled 2nd album Sky All Around are songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Ben Boatright and Jeff Vogel along with guitarist Zack Wolcott and drummer Larry Rogers. Sky All Around is a band with dynamics, they have a big sound with harmonies crossing over into some bluegrass territories, thoughtful instrumental intros and generally incorporate orchestrations with their mandolin, guitar, bass and drums and 4 voices.

Karl Blau playing in Anacortes in some ways is just another day in Anacortes. He travels, too, currently in between European tours - his label is in London, England. Blau is harboring some new tunes with his newly found country/soul vocal expression but woven into his freaky, far-out rock and roll style. Anti-war songs, check. Pro-community songs, check. Love songs intact. Karl also volunteers for Anacortes Music Project.
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