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The Michael Shay Trio is Shay's touring ensemble. Always featuring 3-part harmonies, the Trio brings together diverse instrumentalists and vocalists from different corners of the music universe.

Blending roots-Americana with touches of world music, jazz, bluegrass, blues, country-folk and more, The Michael Shay Trio always surprises, engaging audiences with virtuoso musicianship, deep lyricism and just enough upbeat groove.

Shay has always been a musical chameleon, creating uniquely inspired and genre-bending collaborations worldwide. The Michael Shay Trio, however, sees Michael reining in his musical "universalism" a bit to put the spotlight on his voice in the context of North American traditions.

In that sense, the Trio is just as much at home in taprooms and bars as in listening rooms and theaters. "You can drink to this music, and you can think to this music."
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
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