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Cult-classic road machine, Max Hay, delights audiences with madly entertaining stage antics and and expert musicianship. After 10 years of constant touring, his shows are a polished departure from the typical solo pub act. A double dose of comedy is balanced by expressive musicianship as Max shifts smoothly between genres and styles. Max's delivery is a workout of stomping feet, emotional harmonica runs, articulate hybrid-style guitar, and occasional percussion. Expect Reggae, Irish, Country, and Blues rhythms mixed with soulful bass vocals and sailing harmonica leads. Carbondale Rocks says "Hay’s act blends music and comedy in creative ways, incorporating stories, anecdotes, and a degree of fun and spontaneity not often found in most live shows." The Missoula Independent simply says, "Hay Wails."

Playing upwards of 200 shows per year since 2008, Max's act is forged and tempered in the crucible of a thousand dimly lit bars. A pillar of the working-class music scene, Max strives to provide quality entertainment with a good time as the first priority.
He has entertained audiences throughout the USA, China, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. His travelogue includes a slew of bars, nightclubs, festivals, fairs, restaurants, Irish Pubs, and private events. Nightly performances at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai and a 7-month stint as vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for the Australian “Sand Bar Band,” brought his music to a truly worldwide audience. Often, in the winter months, Max can be found performing a nightly show at McGuire's Irish Pubs in Destin and Pensacola, FL.

Showtime is 6PM.
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
360-588-1720 | MAP
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