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If you're going to be anywhere on Father's Day weekend, make it the Seattle Center for the Mother of all Father's Day events, the 1st annual Washington Brewer's Festival.

And don't miss the Anacortes Brewery as we kick off this Summer's Rolling Boil Review with a first stop in Seattle.

Got some pesky family obligation? Bring em along! There's fun for everyone: music, eats, bouncy things for the kids, and of course, wonderful, wonderful beer.

In fact, its going to be the largest assemblage of craft brewed beers in the history of this state, and perhaps, any other (insert dramatic music). Don't believe me? Click on this link and just count the brews.

This ain't no industrial beer neither. These are hand crafted, small batch, labors of love specially selected to provide you with the ultimate imbibing experience.

Rest assured, the brewers will be out in full force aiming to put their best rubber booted foot forward for the Washington Brewers Guild's inaugural gala. Be there or be left wondering all year what you missed...

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