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Exploring the deep roots and modern flavors of Americana roots, folk and country, the Starlings are known for their high-energy performances and top shelf musicianship.

The striking harmonies of former acoustic duo, Joy Mills and Tom Parker, can turn from rustic and haunting in one song to sweet and wistful in the next with lyrics that are all at once elusive and accessible.

Through fiery leads on mandolin and guitar, wailing blues harmonica, plaintive lines on the dobro, and the solid pulse of the rhythm section, the Starlings are quickly building their name on the forces of their songwriting and the strength of their musical arrangements.

Their sound evokes ghost towns, trains, back roads, front porches, and wandering souls. With one eye to the keyhole of deeper meaning, they remain dynamic in nature and happy to take the road less traveled.
320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
360-588-1720 | MAP
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