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Former Rounder Records recording artist, Joe Paquin wakes up every morning thanking the Powers That Be for giving him one more day to have the opportunity to share his music with the world. Critically acclaimed while with the band The Sundogs for 17 years, Joe is currently strapped into the pilot's seat for a musical flight to hippiebilly heaven.

Not too long ago, Paquin was in the throes of heavy duty chemo treatments in an effort to do battle with stage 4 colon/liver/lymph node cancer. After 6 months on that front line, Joe took a deep breath of gratitude and saddled back up for a fresh musical journey that has him, today, embarking on new tours, a new record (he still calls them records), a great new band, and a wealth of new-found energy.

With the loving support of a wonderful wife (Nancie) and an extremely talented son (Luke, who plays guitar for Hot Hot Heat) and an extended family of friends and fans, Joe Paquin vows to take it all by the bootstraps, sing 'til he's hoarse, tour 'til he drops, and spread the hippiebilly word with the vigor and passion of God's own preacher.
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