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Maggie's Fury combines the rousing melodies of the Irish fiddle and whistle with spirited vocal harmonies likened to Eastern Canadian Maritime traditions. Add a touch of modern folk rock and you have the perfect recipe for Celtic mayhem pack to the kilt with harmony, passion and spirit.

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Maggie's Fury came to life five years ago from the musical passions of brothers Terry and James Walters, and life long family friend Roxanne Read.

"Early on I can remember us trying to decide which angle the band should take," said guitarist James Walters. "Then one sunny afternoon the three of us were at a northwest highland games festival. I can recall us thinking, wouldn't it be great to have a band performing that was vocally charged and got the crowd excited to be here. We need to be that band. From that moment on we began writing songs that combined traditional Celtic elements with modern vocal rock energy. Since then, we have never looked back."

In 2000 the band released their first CD titled "Wherever You Roam". The 10 song freshman debut featured nine original tunes inspired by the bands wanderlust for foreign travel, and one traditional East coast maritime selection. The band also began to expand their sound to larger venues and added Bellingham drummer, Tom Caldwell. Caldwell's upbeat, energized drumming style added the extra punch that the band needed to break into the Northwest club scene. Ready to meet the local music scene head on, the band adopted the name Maggie's Fury, a name more suited toward their fierce developing sound. The name "Maggie" comes from the Walters brothers dearly departed mother.

"Mom always had a love for a gathering," said Terry Walters. "Her fiery spirit and love for people have a tremendous influence on the way James, Roxanne and I write songs. It is very fitting that we name the band after her."

In 2002 the band released their second CD titled "Across the Irish Sea", produced and recorded by Whidbey Island sound guru, David Maloney (Junk Yard Jane and Sister Monk Harem). Where their first CD explored their general love for travel, their second effort took listeners to the source of the band's spiritual homeland, Ireland. "Across the Irish Sea" explored the bands' Celtic roots with upbeat Irish pub songs and traditional Irish melodies.

In 2003 the band added Bellingham fiddle sensation, Howie Meltzer. Howie's passion for the fiddle and traditional know-how have really strengthened the bands Celtic sound.

With fiddler in tow, in 2005 the band recorded their third CD, ...And the Waves Roll On". Named for one of Roxanne's sea faring songs, And the Waves Roll On is a collection of band originals, sea shantys, and traditional tunes that honor the brave souls who have faired the stormy seas.

In 2006 The band added yet another element to their Celtic arsenal. Irish dancer, Heather Turner added her dancing and shaking skills to the bands mix, giving Maggie's Fury audiences a well rounded Celtic experience. Trained in Irish Dance at the University of Limmerick, Heather is a bundle of fire and passion that keeps the band rocking along. When she is not dancing a jig or reel, Heather joins in with her natural percussion talents on drums, shakers, and an occasional tambourine .

The sound of Maggie's Fury continues to grow and reach wider audiences each year, and their diehard fan base remains consistent. So raise a pint at one of their next shows and revel in the spirit of the Celts, as Maggie's Fury provides the musical mayhem.

Sláinte, Cheers!

"Maggie's Fury's 'Pour Another Round' lays it on as thick as Guinness Stout." (Bellingham Herald, Take Five)
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