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Stealing the show at major music venues, blowing away audiences, winning award after award both collectively and individually has all become common place for the Fat Tones.

In the last two years the Fat Tones have won 10 different awards at the Empire Blues Society Awards Banquet, including BEST BLUES GUITARIST, BEST BLUES BAND, BEST BLUES DRUMMER, BEST BLUES BASSIST, BEST BLUES ALBUM, BEST SLIDE GUITARIST and BEST PERFORMER.

The band's independent releases include their fifth CD “$50 and Free Beer”, joining the hot selling “Struttin'”, the ever popular “Three” and their debut "Bomb Run".

Sometimes fate allows all the puzzle pieces to fall into place, and that is exactly what happened one fruitful night a few years back at a club in Spokane, Washington. Bobby Patterson (Lead Guitar), Bob Ehrgott (Bass Guitar), and Robby Minton (Drums) got into a jam that electrified the audience and had them screaming for more.

Since then, the Fat Tones have evolved into a high-impact, progressive fusion of Blues and Rock that leaves their audiences blown away.

320 Commercial Ave. | Anacortes, Washington
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