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Join us for the DVD relaese party for "Celebrating Whitney: A Musical Benefit for the Recovery of Whitney Schultz".

Whitney is a Rockfish employee who was injured last July 4th in an automobile accident. She spent several months in the hospital and is now back home recovering from severe head injuries.

The DVD is a 90 minute edited version of the August 08 beneft that featured the artists Afterthought Adam, Gertrude's Hearse, Fidalgo Swing, Mouseheart Factor, Spoonshine, Neil Stuchal, The Oregon Donor and John Van Duesen.

The Rockfish release party wil fetaure live performances by Neil Stucahl, Jake Navarro and Bill Cook of Spoonshine and Ray Hines of Gertrude's Hearse. Clips from the never before seen DVD will be played at the show and copies will be available for sale. Proceeds go to the Whintey to aid in her recovery. Whintey will also be at the show, so drop by, get a copy of the DVD and give her your love.
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