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A variety of rock and blues bands during the late 80’s and into the 90’s, brought Cee Cee James, formally known as Christina Fasano, ‘the funkywhitegirl,’ into the collaboration and recording of her first CD entitled ‘Spiritually Wet,’ released in late 1999.

"Spiritually Wet" went forward to gain top R&B chart status right under the major label group TLC during 2000. That same year, Christina took home the 10th Annual Los Angeles Music R&B Award; and the first cut off the CD, ‘It’s Just A Funk Thang,’ gained R&B Song TOP 10 ‘runner up’ status in the JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST. The CD garnered endless stellar reviews and gained press in several on and offline publications, as well as receiving play on several Indie U.S. and European Radio Stations.

However after several intense changes in her life in 2002, Christina took on her fan nickname of Cee Cee and turned her funked up soul stuff toward writing and singing Roots Rock and Blues.

Cee Cee moved to Portland, OR, from San Diego, CA where she had worked with her Roots Rock band for 2 years playing countless venues including the famed Adams Avenue Street Fair and the El Cajon Concerts on the Green. Continuing on in Oregon, Cee Cee worked with two great lineups of musicians through 2007 playing locally in clubs and festivals in the Portland area, up through Anacortes, WA and down into Bend, OR.

She relocated to Washington where she has just finished recording her second CD of original material entitled “Low Down Where the Snakes Crawl," full of Roots Rock, Blues, and even a little Country tune, with lyrics crafted from a life fully lived and experienced.

Cee Cee is one of the most 'real and raw' performers out there and has been endlessly compared to Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker and Stevie Ray Vaughn in her stage performances. Her voice and expression reach down immediately into the gut, grab a hold, and don't let go until days after the last note is sung.

She moves inside a seductive and contemplative vibe with lyrics that seduce the soul inwards, upwards, or wherever it chooses to go. Writing her lyrics from a place of need - for freedom and the feeling that we all want to discover and be accepted for who we are from our core individual essence.

Cee Cee is extremely hard working, easy to work with and is available for trio and full band performances.

She is looking forward to continuing to give of her life through singing, writing for herself and others and performances all over the world.

"...she appears to be loved by some, panned by others, and regardless of the vocal mega talent, has never been recognized by the right people. Her career has taken a hit recently due to personal issues. Her own Bio tends to parallel that of Janice Joplin in many ways, at least in hopes, dreams, successes and failures. As her set continued, the vocal talent and stage presence became obvious. Her version of Red House combined great music and lyrics with gutsy, raw vocals and superior stage appeal. She finished with a Tina Turner song, Nutbush City Limits. This woman is a riveting performer, primarily in the rock and R & B genres. If you like this type of music, I highly recommend taking in one of her shows."

Roy Brown - Who Let The Girls Out? - WA Blues Soceity Bluesletter

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