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There's always something going on at the Rockfish Grill and Anacortes Brewery. Check out our calendar for upcoming special events. Visit the Rockfish Grill for live entertainment including the best in jazz, blues and beyond.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011
Saturday, January 1, 2011


The Colonel brings his fiery blues axe to the Rockfish along with his excellent band, Doubleshot.

Many of you will recognize the Colonel as host of the popular Rockfish series, "Guitarslinger" which features the top blues guitar players in the area.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's our monthly Jazz invitational hosted by the Savage Jazz Trio. Join us for the best in mainstream jazz with special surprise guests, 6 - 9 PM the first Wednesday of every month.
Friday, January 7, 2011
Friday, January 7, 2011


Captivating audiences since 1997 with their refined musicianship and high-energy performances, Canada's Tillers Folly is a unique blend of progressive acoustic roots music encompassing elements of Celtic, bluegrass and popular folk traditions.

The band is led by Bruce Coughlin, a true bard and collector of songs. A career performer, touring throughout Western Canada since his teens, Bruce has developed a keen knowledge of the history of the Pacific region, while obtaining a solid background in performing and music. His love and passion for the characters and tales of The Pacific Northwest has proven fertile ground for his exceptional songwriting and singing skills.

Laurence Knight is the bassist for the band and shares vocal duties. He is a musician with over 30 years of performing and recording experience, during which time he has performed with many of the brightest lights of the Vancouver music scene.

The trio is rounded out by Nolan Murray, one of the most in-demand multi-instrumentalists in the Pacific Northwest, having toured, performed and recorded with many top Canadian and American artists. He has, throughout his career, garnered numerous awards for his stellar musicianship.
Saturday, January 8, 2011
Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hailing from Louisville, KY, Now based in Tacoma, WA, Billy Roy Danger & the Rectifiers play roots-based originals and covers.

Rising out of the Widely popular band, Junkyard Jane, BRD is a Four-piece Roots Rockin' combo, built to entertain and provoke deep thoughts and lot's o' dancin'.

Mixing influences from Buck Owens to Bootsy Collins, John Prine to John Holmes, Billy Roy Danger & the Rectifiers invite you to take a ride in the musical trunk of their '72 Nova. Come on and get in the car...
Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Performing together for decades, the Stilly River Band delivers an exciting range of music, from bluegrass to progressive folk, Latin, Irish, rock and rhythm 'n blues. Their bluegrass arrangement of Sam & Dave's soul classic, Hold On, I'm Comin' will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

Known by some as “the bad boys of bluegrass”, the Stillys play and eclectic mix of music from traditional bluegrass to other less conventional styles played in a bluegrass format that the band labels “rude grass.”

The band features John Amber-Oliver on lead vocals and guitar, Jonathon Schneider on tenor harmonies and banjo, Stuart Torgeson on dobro and accordion, John Daugherty on vocals and stand up bass, Steve Stolpe on vocals and mandolin and Mike Schway on fiddle.

The Stilly River Band delivers accomplished musicianship, excellent vocal harmony and an always entertaining and unpredictable show. Looking for a cross between Earl Scruggs and the Tempations? These are your guys!

Friday, January 14, 2011
Friday, January 14, 2011


Popular NW group Badd Dog Blues Society returns to the Rockfish.

Led by charismatic showman, vocalist and harmonica ace, Andy Koch, BDBS features a top notch line-up drawing from some of the premier players in the area.
Saturday, January 15, 2011
Saturday, January 15, 2011


Join us for Chris Stevens and the Surf Monkeys, an intertaining blend of swinging blues punctuated with the occasional left field surf instrumental. The Surf Monkeys are led by veteran guitarist Chris Stevens former head of the popular King-a-lings.
Friday, January 21, 2011
Friday, January 21, 2011


Polecat is a Bellingham based new grass group made up of some of the best pickers in the area:

Bassman extraordinaire, Richard started playing the low end in high school on a 5-string Warwick bass guitar. His love for African music and polyrhythmic sounds have transferred over to the blonde 3/4 size K Style upright bass he uses in Polecat. He dominates the complex changes and hits, keeps the groove thumping along with Karl's kick, and adds a third vocal harmony on some of the barn burners.

An avid student of percussion for many years, Karl Olson is an uncommonly well-rounded rhythm man, with studies and projects based on orchestral, jazz, funk, reggae, udu, and tabla drumming. His precision, dynamics, and energy keep Polecat's listeners' ears on their toes. With only kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat, and one crash cymbal, he uses an array of sticks and brushes to maximize each piece of the kit.

With many years of piano lessons in early life, Aaron Guest gradually picked up more instruments over the years and has played drums, guitars, bass, and keyboards in several bands and recordings in his years in Bellingham. Polecat showcases his song-writing and baritone vocals, backed up with his high energy 12-string guitar playing. His wide range of listening and playing makes his songs less traditional, but they still pulse with the feel of American roots music.
Cayley Schmid

Immersed in Celtic music, dance, and culture for the better part of her life, Cayley Scmidt's 5-string fiddle playing embodies the energy of that tradition and brings a whole different kind of stompin' sound to Polecat's bluegrass/americana feel. She leads a few traditionals and writes her own reels that get people up out of their seats. Her complex lines in harmony with Jeremy's guitar are some of Polecat's most exciting musical moments.

Jeremy Elliott's articulate yet soulful, fast as lightning but smart guitar playing adds an undeniable spark to the band. Growing up in Georgia and being surrounded by some of the best roots players in the country really shows, but his style is his own. He melds rock rhythms, bluesy bends, and bluegrass lines with ease. Jeremy's song-writing and arranging is featured on several tunes, and his vocal harmonies add another layer to the Polecat sound.
Saturday, January 22, 2011
Saturday, January 22, 2011


The sound of gravel crunching beneath the tires of the hearse as it rolls through the iron gates. In the distance a lone fiddle cries to the grey dawn. An alabaster stone marks the spot where the hearse pulls to a final stop. After all, who called for the undertakers?

Gertrude’s Hearse is a band hailing from Skagit Valley, Washington. The band was formed atop the hill by a bunch a good fellas and guitarist Raymond John: adding Yusuf Kilgore, Matt Clausen, Keith Stone, Tim Daniels and a plethora of other players to become one of the areas hottest bands. In a three year period, they have built an outstanding repertoire of music ranging from folk, country, and rock, to bluegrass, R&B, and punk. No one else has their style, their energy, or their theme. Gertrude’s Hearse has the flexibility and versatility to perform with some or all of its members. They can readily cater to the more intimate as an acoustic-style duo/trio or elaborate with an all-out rock & roll 7+ piece grandstand-style band.

Gertrude (grrr-trood)
An old-time name representing the style of music from which the band bases its sound. They are equally comfortable playing acoustically, around a single can microphone, or plugged into a PA on-stage. Versatility has been an important factor in their early success as a band.

Hearse (her-sss)
A car used to transport a coffin to a burial site. It is also a somewhat taboo word in the English language, not often used and retaining a sort of mystery. The name of the band is hard to get out of the heads of those who have said it aloud or read it in print. It also offers a theme for the band's logos, artwork, and trademark. This too has played a key role in the band's early notoriety in the area.

The undertakers and country-rock-folk-grassin' singers gaining quite a reputation in the Pacific Northwest are commonly known as Gertrude's Hearse. They are fast becoming legend, often imitated, and never reproduced. Look for them makin their way through your town soon. Mothers watch yer daughters, fathers git yur guns, brothers watch yer tongues, and everyone git ready for a shin splittin good time when Gertrude's Hearse rolls into town.
Friday, January 28, 2011
Friday, January 28, 2011


Born in Seattle, the Jim Basnight Band has members with extensive and unique musical backgrounds. The band, fronted by Jim Basnight on vocals and guitars, performs songs from all six of Jim’s unique CD’s as well as his new career retrospective “We Rocked and Rolled: The First 25 Years of Jim Basnight”. They are well versed in a number of styles including Rock from the 50’s through the 90’s, as well as Soul, Punk, Funk, Americana, Alternative and the Blues.

“Jim Basnight is a true rock and roll warrior, fighting the good fight for decades now. He’s always been shaking up the rock music scene in some way, shape, or form” Bill’s Music Forum 2008

“Long before Seattle was the grunge rock capitol of America, it had a long history of rugged, tough-as-nails rock, beginning in the 1960s with garage rock stalwarts the Sonics and Wailers and culminating in the '80s with Jim Basnight and the Moberlys, a band that evoked the Beatles and the Rolling Stones at the same time, while turning out some of the decade's finest, if unfortunately obscure, new wave pop.” All Music 2008

"The ‘King of Pop’ for the Northwest may very well be Jim Basnight." The Montana Kaiman 2002

“Rightfully hailed as the man who helped introduce that ol' New Wave to the Pacific U. S. Northwest, Jim and his bands The Moberlys, Rockinghams, and most recently The Jim Basnight Thing have straddled many a musical hurdle - not to mention pigeon-hole - by sharing influences (and often stages) with everyone from Johnny Rivers and the Young Fresh Fellows to Suzanne Vega, The Police and even The Band.” Gary “Pig” Gold 2001

"Jim Basnight has certainly covered a whole lot of ground over the past 20 years, creating a body of work dripping with quality and excitement. Unlike most performers, he can't be stereotyped, as each of his records offers something new and different." Rock Beat International, April 2000
Saturday, January 29, 2011
Saturday, January 29, 2011


The Twisters, one of Canada's best jump blues acts, blow into town featuring some of the top talent in the Pacific Northwest.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Twisters leader, David Hoerl was originally tutored by Rick Estrin in the art of Blues Harmonica. He has since played with some of the best blues musicians in the U.S. and Canada, including: Mike Bloomfield, Albert Collins, Percy Mayfield, Big Mama Thornton, Little Joe Blue, Freddie Roulette, Big Joe Duskin, Pee Wee Crayton, Steve Freund, Carl Weathersby, Phil Guy, Sonny Rhodes and Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne. In 1982 David came to Canada with Kenny Wayne, and became a landed immigrant in 1986.

As the founding member and sole remaining original Twister, he has received numerous accolades and awards for songwriting, vocals and harmonica playing, including being nominated in 1997, 1998, 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2007 for "Harmonica Player of the Year" by the Toronto Blues Society's "Maple Blues Awards". According to West Coast Blues Review (1995) and Real Blues Magazine (1996-2006) David Hoerl is "Canada's Top Harp Blower".

Young guitarist, Brandon Isaak, has monster tone and technique. He moved from his hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon to Vancouver, BC in 1999, where he joined the Twisters. He has shared the stage with many great blues artists, including Taj Mahal, Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials, Robben Ford, Canned Heat, Jeff Healy, Big Dave McLean, Rusty Zinn, Colin Linden just to name a few. Brandon toured all over Europe with Joe Louis Walker, Willie Hayes and Ken Faltonson on numerous festivals and TV shows.

Unforgettable is what a performance by stand-up bassist Keith Picot is. Whether singing and leading his own band, or supporting the talent of such bands as The Twisters, Cousin Harley, Joe Dollar and Juno Award winner Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, he always gives 110 percent. With a hard hitting slap style all his own he can drive a beat like the devil, then equally and effortlessly draw out the sweet tones of a saint.

Matt Pease credits his hard swinging style to his early influences Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Matt grew up in a musical family with a large record collection on Vancouver Island. He moved to Vancouver in 1997, after which he toured with the Michael Kaeshammer Trio in the DuMaurier Jazz Festival. Shortly thereafter he hooked up with Juno Award winner Lee Aaron for three years. He has shared a stage with Edgar Winter, the Wailers, Green Day and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. Matt studied with the great Canadian drummers Claude Ranger and Don Leppard. He joined the Twisters in early 2005.
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